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Sodium Thiosulfate

Sodium thiosulfate (Na2S2O3), also spelled sodium thiosulphate, is a colorless crystalline compound that is more familiar as the pentahydrate, Na2S2O35H2O, an ...
Min. Order: 20 Tons
1. Material: PE
2. Thickness: 12mic-150mic
3. Length: 1000m-3000m

HDPE/LDPE PE Protective Film/PE STRETCH FILM with high quality! !

Specifications of ...
FOB Price: US $1.8-3.5 / kg
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Product Description
Product: Glacial Acetic Acid
Chemical Formula: C2H4O2
CAS No: 64-19-7
Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid

PS: We also have glacial acetic acid 99.6% ...
FOB Price: US $500-750 / Ton
Min. Order: 10 Tons
Virgin/Recycled HDPE Granules for film

1. High Density Polyethylene - HDPE Plastic Granules
2. Virgin & Recycled
3. Free sample & good quality
4. Good diaphaneity

Product ...
FOB Price: US $1,000-1,300 / Ton
Min. Order: 2 Tons
Titanium Dioxide Anatase&Rutile

1, White powder
2, Molecular Formula: TiO2
3, CAS No.: 13463-67-7
4, Type: Titanium Dioxide Anatase 98.5%, Rutile 93%
5. Color: Super white
FOB Price: US $1,600-2,000 / Ton
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Caustic Soda(Sodium Hydroxide) Flakes/Pearls/Solid 99%
1. Properties
Product name: Caustic Soda Flake/Solid/Pearl
CAS No.: 1310-73-2
Molecular Weight: 40.00
Molecular Formula: ...
Min. Order: 10 Tons
The BEST price for Magnesium Ingot (99.95%), Mg Alloy (AM50A,
AZ91D, AE42, etc. ), Mg Powder & Mg Casting, et

Unit weight: 7.5 + 0.5 kgs per ingot.
Packing: ...
Min. Order: 5 Tons
Molecular Formula: BaSO4
Molecular Weight: 233.39
White powder; Soluble in concentrated hydrochloric acid; Does not dissolve in normal organic acid, mineral acid, ...
Min. Order: 10 Tons
Ion Exchange Resin for Waste Water Treatment

Cation Ion exchange resin
Cation resin Specifications
Cationic polyacrylamide powder MSDS
1) white powder/granule
2) Molecular ...
Min. Order: 10 Tons
Product Description
Factory supply Liquid Paraffin Oil / White Oil
CAS No.: 8012-95-1
Factory supply Liquid Paraffin Oil / White Oil
MF: CnH2n+2
Factory supply Liquid Paraffin ...
FOB Price: US $900-1,000 / Ton
Min. Order: 2 Tons
Product name: White oil
Appearance: Transparent liquid
CAS No.: 8002-74-2
Other name: Paraffin oil
Certification: ISO9001
Packing: 220kg or 250kg steel drums, total is 80 ...
Min. Order: 17 Tons
1). Product name: Aluminum alloy ingot
Model: ADC1, ADC3, ADC5, ADC6, ADC10, ADC12, ADC14
Production Capacity: 6000mt /Month
1. Product Specification:
1). ...
FOB Price: US $1,600-2,000 / Ton
Min. Order: 2 Tons
PA resin
1, Usage: Resin for ink, coating, adhensive
2, Printing Type: Gravure Printing
3, Type: Benzene and Alcohol soluble

1. Nylon 66 Chips (PA 66 Resin)
2. Brand: HYS ...
Min. Order: 10 Tons
Magnesium oxide/ MGO

CAS No: 1309-48-4
Industry grade
Packing: 25kg bag or requested
EINECS: 215-171-9

Magnesium is white or light yellow powder. It is ...
Min. Order: 40 Tons
Commodity: Hydrogen Peroxide
Chemical Formula: H2O2
CAS No: 7722-84-1
Appearance: Colorless liquid

Packing: 30/35 kgs plastic drum, 20MT/20′FCl

Usage: Hydrogen Peroxide ...
Min. Order: 10 Tons
High purity, quality guaranted, competitive price, superior service, best delivery date
Low price Magnesium ingot: Content: 99.99% 99.98% 99.97% 99.955 99.90% ...
Min. Order: 10 Tons
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail: 1000KGS in a big bag. Cubic measure: 0.5 CBM each big bag. 100KGS iron barrel 500KGS iron barrel pallets is possible
Delivery Detail: 15 ...
Min. Order: 20 Tons
Procuct name: Calcium carbide
CAS: 75-20-7
MF: C2Ca
MW: 64.1

Chemical Properties: Grey or black solid with a garlic-like odour. It is very lively, at the appropriate ...
Min. Order: 18 Tons
Magnesium hydroxide
Molecular formula: Mg(OH)2
Molecular weight: 58.3
Properties and features: White powder. Density is 2.36g/cm3. The melting point is 350° C. Insoluble ...
Min. Order: 10 Tons
Product Name: Potassium sorbate
CAS#: 590-00-1
EINECS#: 246-376-1
Appearance: Super white scaly crystals or crystalline powder, effective and safety preservatives.
Purity: ...
Min. Order: 14 Tons
Formic Acid 85%Min for Chemical Industry

Synonym: Methanoic Acid
Molecular Formula: HCOOH
Molecular Weight: 46.03
CAS No.: 64-18-6
Property: Colorless liquid with pungent ...
Min. Order: 10 Tons
White, Fine Powder Magnesium Stearate for Plastic
CAS No.: 557-04-0
Other Names: Magnesium distearate
MF: (C17H35COO) 2Mg
EINECS No.: Other
Purity: 99.8%

They ...
Min. Order: 10 Tons
Nano Precipitated Calcium Carbonate 98%

Calcium Carbonate

White, monoclinic crystalline powder; Odorless; Tasteless. Soluble in dilute hydrochloric, nitric and ...
Min. Order: 10 Tons
1. LDPE virgin/recycled granules
2. Low Density Polyethylene for film grade
3. LDPE factory
4. Free sample
Name: Recycled LDPE granule
Color: Clean
Min. Order: 20 Tons
1. 2-Ethylhexanol (2-EH)
2. 2-EH Alcohol, Octyl Alcohol
3. CAS No.: 104-76-7
4. Free samples

Synonyms 2-Ethyl, 1-Hexanol; 2-Ethylhexyl Alcohol; Isooctyl ...
Min. Order: 10 Tons
Flakes Aluminium Sulphate 17% for Drinking Water Treatment

1. Dedicated Manufacturer with advanced technology.
2. Large stock, Lightning delivery.
3. Size: Flake, Granules, ...
Min. Order: 10 Tons
Product: Sodium Sulfate Anhydrous
Formula: Na2SO4
CAS No.: 7757-82-6
Appearance: Odorless white crystals or granulesCol

Colorless columnar or granular particles. ...
Min. Order: 10 Tons
High quality aluminum alloy ingot ADC12 wholesale
1: Most attractive price,
2: Quality assurance.
3: Aluminum purity over 85%

Net weight: 25kgs/piece, 40pieces/bundle, ...
FOB Price: US $1,550-1,600 / Ton
Min. Order: 5 Tons

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